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 Membership Pricing:

Individual Membership: $40 per year (must be 18 yrs and over)
Student Membership (full-time students aged 18-25 only): $10 per year with a copy of Student ID Card

Membership Terms
Membership of FNQ Wildlife Rescue is valid for one year ( 1 July to 30 June) and provides member access to the following:

    • Species specific native wildlife training
    • Specialised wildlife food and supplies at reduced prices from the Wildlife Centre in Manunda
    • FNQWR Group Rehabilitation Permit (New and renewing Permit Endorsement applications have to be approved by committee)
    • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance (when requested by FNQ Wildlife Rescue to rescue or care for native wildlife which is recorded on our fauna records database)
    • Newsletter and regular updates and meetings
    • Social events and fund raising prom

FNQ Wildlife Rescue conduct frequent training courses and information sessions for new carers and for long term carers to update their skills. Here you will learn about the different species and how to care for them effectively. They also have a strong support network with many experienced carers who are willing and able to offer advice and assistance for new carers. There is also some very good reference material available that will help you learn about the various wildlife species and their requirements.

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Training Sessions

Please email: email/secretary)( with any queries relating to our training sessions.

It is mandatory for members to undertake the necessary Induction & Rescuer and Species-Specific training to be eligible to care for native wildlife.  Upon completing the required training, members are then able to apply for Permit Endorsement under the group’s Rehabilitation Permit.

Please note that the Member Induction course is a pre-requisite for any person wanting to care for native wildlife regardless of species.  If you are a registered member of FNQWR, you may register for training courses and workshops by emailing email/secretary)(