Agile Wallaby

  1. This species is a large wallaby, usually light brown in colour with a white chest. They have light stripes on their thighs and cheeks and a darker one on their forehead.

  2. Agile wallabies are very adaptable, but are generally found in grassland, which is their main diet.

  3. Males are significantly larger than females weighing up to 20Kg and standing over 1 metre tall. Females average 75cm tall and weigh around 11-15Kg.

  4. Joeys stay in Mum's pouch for 7-8 months and then will follow their mother (called a Joey at foot) for another 12 months before becoming fully independent.

  5. Females have the ability to have a "reserve" embryo in stasis which will develop once her pouch is vacant.

  6. Female Agile wallabies can have up to 3 offspring at one time - a Joey at foot, a Joey in the pouch and an embryo in stasis. They can produce two different types of milk to feed Joeys at different stages.

  7. Most fatalities are caused by either motor vehicles or dog attack.

  8. Females wallabies have been known to "throw" their Joeys from the pouch if they are being pursued or feel threatened. This is a defence mechanism designed to ensure their own survival by sacrificing a Joey.

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