Pacific Baza

A Pacific Bazza, found on the ground and covered with green ants.  His eyes were closed and his mouth extremely sore from ant stings.  FNQWR President and Raptor carer Patrick Dauwe received the bird on Australia Day as he has a Specialist Species permit for Birds of Prey.

Caring for the bird required eye drops five times a day and antibiotics three times a day, as well as feeding him every three hours.  After a few days his eyes were open and recovering.  After eight days of intense care, he was taken outside for exercise and after another three days he flew up in to the tree canopy where his favourite food of stick insects are found.  The next day he was seen in another tree and his rehabilitation and return to the wild habitat was successful.

FNQWR acknowledges the valuable support from Veterinarians and their clinic staff in the Far North region


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